Andrzej Głazek is a sworn translator and interpreter (registered No. TP/15/11). Documents that require certification by a sworn translator can be certified without any additional delay. The cost of such certification is PLN 10 ex. VAT per certified document plus PLN 30 ex. VAT for the whole set of documents ordered regardless of its size. The said cost includes priority postage, return receipt requested, of the hard copies of the certified translations. The cost of any courier services, if required, will be borne by the client. Translations in electronic form are also certified using a secure digital signature. The cost of such certification is PLN 10 ex. VAT per certified document.

Article 18 of the Sworn Translator Act of 25 November 2004 (consolidated text in Dziennik Ustaw No. Dz.U.2016.1222, as amended) provides:
„ 1. A sworn translator shall certify translations or copies of documents issued in writing using a seal with his or her full name along the rim and the language for which he or she is licensed and his or her number on the list of sworn translators referred to in Article 6, Paragraph 2, above in its centre. The seal shall be ordered at the State Mint by the Minister of Justice at the expense of the sworn translator.
1a. A sworn translator may certify a translation or a copy of a document electronically using a qualified electronic signature. A copy may be certified in electronic form only on the basis of the original, a translation or a copy in written form.
1b. The minister competent for economic affairs may, by regulation, in consultation with the Minister of Justice, set out additional technical and organizational requirements for the attestation and service of data included in qualified certificates issued for sworn translators having regard to the need to identify sworn translators and having in mind the need to ensure adequate security of the electronic signature used by sworn translators to fulfil their duties.
2. Every certified translation and every certified copy of a document issued by a sworn translator shall bear the item number under which the translation or copy is recorded in the register of documents issued. Every translation and copy of a document shall include a statement saying whether it was made on the basis of the original document or a translation or a copy thereof and whether the translation or copy was certified and by whom.”